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Participation in the „Luxury Brand of the Year” Gala allows to think about enhanced usefulness and effectiveness of marketing activities carried out in the company and the prestige it brings for the winner of the „Luxury Brand of the Year”. Most of the companies awarded in previous years declare that the information on winning have increased interest in their products, and hence, contributed to the growth in sales volume. This applies to the Polish, as well as foreign markets.

For the representative of the company, the product or service that received the prestigious statuette at the Gala, it immediately opens up the opportunity to establish valuable interpersonal contacts with other participants of the Gala – business, show business and the media people. Interpersonal contacts and exchange of views are still the best way to build a relationship with the environment.

During the „Luxury Brand of the Year” Gala, all winners have the opportunity to directly promote their businesses, establish cooperation and look for potential business partners and new sales opportunities. It is also the ideal place to present the company’s success, so it is worth to invite the existing or prospective business partners. „Luxury Brand of the Year” Gala events were strongly presented in numerous media and this no doubt has resulted in their recognition.

As soon as the „Luxury Brand of the Year” statuette was awarded, winners have the opportunity to prepare a marketing campaign of the award-winning company, as well as for its products or services. The climax is the presentation of the statuettes at the „Luxury Brand of the Year” Gala.

The winners willingly promote their products using the image of the „Luxury Brand of the Year” recognizing it as a reliable recommendation, important in the process of building the brand and confidence in the quality of their products offered. The „Luxury Brand of the Year” logo appears on the advertisements, flyers, websites, newsletters, as well as on company’s product packaging.

The marketing is primarily all about relationship – with the brand, with the media and with partners. The most important is however the relationship with the customer! True marketing success goes beyond the product itself and consists in forming ties between the client and the company. Advertising and marketing are essential for the development of every company. It often happens that such efforts require huge financial outlay. But what we are supposed to do in order to promote our business cost-effectively and as quickly as possible? It turns out that the most important are business contacts. And this is can best be achieved thanks to a unique and recognized over the years „Luxury Brand of the Year” Gala!

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