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The Luxury Fair 2017

On November 18th, the Biskupi Castle in Janów Podlaski hosted the Luxury Fair, during which the companies were exhibiting its products and services. The exhibitors included such companies as: Tubądzin Group, Renata Travel, PrintMedia24, Bacówka Radawa Spa, Eveline Cosmetics, The Resort Group, Rising Stars Revue, Hanna Bieńkowska Atelier, Holiday Cafe, Świat Czekolady Marcin Paździor, Sartorial Group, Best Whisky Market, Carlsberg, Rejs Club Beauty Now, Manuscriptum, Lenart Hotel, All Inclusive, Ulmani Shoes, Torebki D’art, Lanaline, Dom Jublerski A&A, Cuba, Pączek w Maśle resturant, Lena Grochowska Foundation and Zalla by Sara Zalewska. Three unique exhibitions of painters such as Tomasz Kostecki, Sylwia Kalinowska and Daniel Pielucha were also held during the fair. The Luxury Fair was a unique opportunity to get to know many brands from the luxury industry, premium products and beyond the standard, concentrated in one unique place.

During the fair there were also symposia about luxury goods. The themes of the symposiums were “Luxury Expeditions” by Robert Grzybowski, “Media – cost or investment? Effectiveness of promotion against the background of changes on the media market” by SDE MEDIA&EVENTS and “Books that have changed the course of the world’s history – a mini lecture on the most valuable bibliophile treasures” by Dorota Wójtowicz-Wielgopolan. Jerzy Gruza has received a great interest. He talked about the most interesting anecdotes in his life. That day was really special.

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