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Mariusz Pujszo presented the statuettes of the Luxury Brand of the Year 2018!

On 24th November in the luxurious interiors of the Zamek Janów Podlaski Hotel in Janów Podlaski the 9th edition of the Luxury Brand of the Year 2018 Gala took place. An excellent menu and alcohols, wonderful guests and luxury in its full edition were the main idea of this exceptional evening, which was conducted by Katarzyna Motloch and Wiola Wrzesińska. Mariusz Pujszo, who is also the originator of the idea, has been organizing this event for nine years.

During the Gala the guests met the winners of the category: Super Luxury Brand of the Year 2018, Luxury Brand of the Year 2018, Luxury Product of the Year 2018 and Creator of Luxury of the Year 2018. In addition, for the first time products were selected in the category: Luxury for Everyone and International Luxury Brand of the Year 2018.
This is the only such event in Poland which brings together premium business leaders from Poland and all over the world, as well as personalities from the world of culture and art. Luxury Brand of the Year is the only award of this type and the only such statuette awarded to companies, services and premium products around the world. This is a unique opportunity to exchange views and establish new business contacts. – Mariusz Pujszo says.

As every year, the choice was difficult, because all of the companies was from premium sectors. First „Super Luxury Brand of the Year 2018″ statuette was received to the family company: Claudie Design, that produces exclusive, high quality designer chairs. The statuette was picked up by Kamil Pienio and Przemysław Pienio. This group also includes such brands as Montblanc, Złota 44, Heron Live Hotel, La Vie Skin and Łyko Jubiler. The statuettes of the „Luxury Brand of the Year 2018″, which were presented personally by Mariusz Pujszo, President of the Board of the Luxury Brand of the Year 2018, was received to the companies: Stone Master, Expertoo International Poland, KPI Media Agency, Parisel Palace, Guzikova, Dozbud Easy Drive, Avangarda Restaurant, Rezydencja Gubałówka, Balthazar Design Hotel, AFG Interior, Kandara, Visual M, GP Systems, Rubin Beef, PEJOT Dekoracje Cukiernicze, Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Informatycznego, Doceń Polskie, Tichauer, Jurajska, Toya, Odkupienie Win, Centrum Wina, Akademia Przedsiębiorcy „Sukces Po Polsku”, Drzazga Clinic, Skoff, DuoVita Smart Apartments, Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Gostyń, JAAQOB, Eco Ride Polska, Dieta Figura, Restauracja Shandaar, M-Duo, Thalgo, Podoland, Opax, Szpital Specjalistyczny Brzeziny, Agencja PR Face it!, Smily Play, Glam Project, ByMYNIA Fashion&Beauty, Kawai Art. Gallery, Hotel No Name, Luxury Holiday, Jacobs, Bury, Kenko Restauracja, Radio Kolor, Magazyn Kapitał Polski, Magazyn Podróże,, Elle Decoration, Magazyn Kaleidoscope, Polsat Cafe.

In the new category „Luxury for Everyone” they are winners: Wiśniowski, ChronPESEL and City Residence Opoczno. The Luxurious Product of the Year 2018 were also appreciated: swimming board SUP model NIMBUS Edition, Kremówka Królewska – Pączek w Maśle Cukiernia Warszawska, KGH Polska juices, Champagne le Brun de Neuville, Kaminari Knives, BH Meble – Armchair and Arkada’s serum TC16.

For the third time it was the category „Luxury Creators”. The statuettes were received to: Jędrzej Wittchen, Wiesław Bober, Marcin Paździor, Beata Drzazga, Ewelina and Marcin Muszyńscy. The special international category” „International Luxury Brand of the Year 2018” was awarded to two brands: Christian Laurent and Eveline Cosmetics.

As at every Gala, the Foundation „I am an optimist” awarded exceptional personalities who infect others with optimism. „An Optimist of the Year 2018″ statuettes was picked up by: Krzysztof K. A. S. A. Kasowski, Iwona Budziak and Przemysław Saleta.

Almost the most important thing is the Luxurious Fair and numerous business meetings held there, which in a very significant way support the companies participating in this event. At the fair were exhibited companies focused on the highest quality, among others: Drzazga Clinic, Duo Vita, Hotel Heron, Paździor, Nimbus, Claudie Design, Col-Way, Pejot, Stone Master, Expertoo, Złota 44, Marcelina Nogala, Centrum Wina, Guzikova, Łyko Jubiler, Vistula, MontBlanc, Eveline Cosmetics, Browar Obywatelski, Kaminari, Fus, La Vie Skin, Birkenau Specialist Hospital, Jacobs, Bury, Szewczyk, Prudential.

It was a unique opportunity to get to know many brands from the luxury industry, premium sectors and out of standard products, concentrated in unique place.

Guests who came from all over the world: Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Russia, Mauritius, Denmark and Ukraine, were provided with plenty of attractions in the form of artistic performances by singers: Natalia Opyrchał, Dave Nilay, Laura Godziejewska and Agnieszka Wiechnik.

On the stage, guests could also admire the touching performance of four tenors, the Ukrainian band Leon Voci, well-known from the program Mam Talent, which performed the hits of Andrea Boccelli.

There were also elements of culture, which was presented by Kwadrat Theatre from Cracow with the play „Pan Tadeusz”.

An equally exciting element of the Gala was the auction for the Foundation „I am an Optimist”, in which guests took an active part in bidding luxurious products.

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