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Luxury Brand of the Year 2015

Delicious menu, exquisite alcohols, great guests and luxury at its fullest. Do you think it’s a fairy tale? Nothing could be further from the truth! On 26 October, the 6th edition of the “Luxury Brand of the Year 2015” Gala took place at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. This magical evening was led by charismatic leaders: Wiola Wrzesińska and Ryszard Rembiszewski.

At the “Luxury Brand of the Year 2015” Gala, guests from the world of show-business, business, representatives of science, art, and sports appeared, among others: Ewa Kuklińska, Paweł Deląg, Aleksander Dobra, Tatiana Sosna-Sarno, Jerzy Gruza, Prof. Michał Kleiber and Prof. Witold Rużyłło.

The unique aura was created by this year’s winners. Honorary statuettes of the “Luxury Brand of the Year 2015” were presented to such companies as: RuckZuck, Ferrari, Wittchen, Grand Lubicz, Stone Master S. A., Aries Hotel & Spa or Deutsche Bank.

A lot of attractions were provided to the guests: musical performances of Lidia Kopania, Michał Milowicz, Magda Femme with Novator. Moreover, Natalia Pujszo and Marion Burah arrived straight from Paris with a French repertoire for this special evening.

Fashion shows were also held during the evening. For fur lovers, the Bamed show was the ideal entertainment. The collection of designer Aleksandra Zgubińska turned out to be full of fashion inspiration. On the other hand, the Alles lingerie show was dedicated to all women.

The key moment of the Gala was also the inauguration of the “I am an Optimist” Foundation. Thanks to the excellent donors, various items were donated to the foundations, which were put up for auction during the Gala.

The gala evening was unique and will certainly be long remembered.

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