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Luxury Brand of the Year 2021

21-23 Listopada w Warszawie

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Luxury Brand of the Year

The Luxury Brand of the Year is a unique award that is given every year. The winners are luxury companies, services and products not only from Poland, but also from around the world. For 12 years, Mariusz Pujszo, a well-known director, actor, screenwriter and film producer, has been inviting personalities who have contributed to the promotion of premium brands to celebrate together. This is not only a business event, but also a social one, with a friendly atmosphere.

Selection of laureates

  • Highest Quality of the Year,
  • Luxury Brand of the Year,
  • Super Luxury Brand of the Year,
  • Visionary of the Year – this title was awarded for the first time in 2021.
  • Creator of the Polish Luxury Goods Market – first awarded in 2021.
  • Luxury.

Winning the title opens up a host of opportunities and possibilities in the business world!

Join the circle of partners

Become our partner and gain a number of benefits that come with joining this honorable group.
Get invitations to Mariusz Pujszo’s luxury events, which are an excellent opportunity to present the advantages of your company, as well as to gain new contacts in the business world.

You can become our partner by taking advantage of the following packages:

  • Main Partner
  • Silver Partner
  • Bronze Partner
  • Participation in the Luxury Fair

Choose the right package for you and become a Luxury Brand Partner of the Year!

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Luxury Brand of the Year 2021

The gala “Luxury Brand of the Year 2021” will be held on Monday, November 22, 2021. This time we would like to invite all the personalities connected with the Premium sector in Poland and all over the world to the luxurious and prestigious Arche Krakowska Hotel.

We invite you from the very morning, because then the legendary Luxury Fair will take place, as well as business meetings.

The culmination of the day filled with emotions will be the awarding of “Luxury Brand of the Year” statuettes.

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  • Luxury Brand of the Year is undoubtedly a prestigious and honorable title, the winning of which generates many opportunities and possibilities in the world of broadly defined show business.
  • The title of the winner is associated with prestige, thanks to which it has a positive impact on the image of your company.
  • Many award winners have reported an increase in brand interest after winning the title.
  • Receiving a luxurious statuette, which is the culmination of hard work on your brand, increases the chance of gaining new business contacts.
  • Attending the gala is an excellent opportunity to increase interest in the presented brand, as well as to make new acquaintances.
  • The image of the “Luxury Brand of the Year” on products intensifies marketing activities

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A gala worth attending!

In June 2021, the Luxury Brand of the Year gala was held for the 12th time. Despite the pandemic, binding restrictions, the gala was held at the highest level, unchanged for years. This year, however, it took place outdoors, to be more precise, in the heart of Skierbieszewski National Park on the grounds of the beautiful garden of the Pujshany residence. The stage was filled with the most prominent personalities from the world of business, media and art. In addition to the announcement of the winners, the event was honored by the presence of: the great Polish tenor, director of the Grand Theatre in Lodz, Dariusz Stachura, the world-famous violinist Izabella Zebrowska, and the stunning Izabela Trojanowska.

Who received the award? – meet the winners of this year’s gala!

The “Luxury Brand of the Year 2021” winners include:

  • Deluxe Vodka,
  • Modern Classic Design,
  • Face Clinic by dr Karolina Falkowska,
  • Almont System,
  • Rybka Plum Delikatesy Rybne,
  • Santorini Palace,
  • Pałac Na Wodzie Falkowski,
  • Solvenergy,
  • Petecki,
  • Izabella Żebrowska,
  • Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Informatycznego,
  • Agencja KS,
  • G2A Arena.

Among the winners of ,,Highest Quality of the Year 2021″ are:

  • Partner of Promotion,
  • In-Projekt,
  • Aviroyal Palace,
  • Dariusz Stachura,
  • Revolt Energy S.A.

The “Creator of the Polish Luxury Goods Market” statuettes were also awarded to:

  • Rafała Michalskiego,
  • Beaty Drzazgi,
  • Mateusza Łyko,
  • Grażyny Mirki.

The title of “Super Luxury Brand of the Year 2021” went to Eveline Cosmetics

The distinction of “Super Luxury Brand of the Year 2021” went to Christian Laurent.

WThe special “Visionary of the Year 2021” statuette went to Beata Drzazga, a person with an exceptional personality and a wonderful heart. She is the owner and president of the largest medical company in Poland, BetaMed S.A.

AVIROYAL PALACE was the main partner of the event.

10 years of the Luxury Brand of the Year!

In 2019, the Luxury Brand of the Year gala was held for the 10th time, at which the organizer and originator – Mariusz Pujszo honored with a statuette, the winners who became famous for creating luxury goods. On the occasion of the jubilee, the winners in the “Highest Quality of the Year” category were selected for the first time. The keynote of this special gala were the wonderful guests, as well as the all-embracing luxury present in every detail.

Luxury Brand of the Year

Luxury Brand Gala is not only a business event, but above all a social event. The winner of the prestigious statuette is faced with new opportunities in the business world, which can help in achieving the desired success. Luxury Brand of the Year is the culmination of diligent work on an exceptional product or service.

Luxury Brand of the Year
in the media

Coverage of this unique gala is available in the following media:

  • TVN,
  • Canal+,
  • TVP Polonia,
  • Fashion TV,
  • Super Stacja,
  • TV Biznses,
  • TV4,
  • Radio Kolor,
  • Polsat Cafe,
  • Super Express,
  • Businessman,
  • Playboy,
  • Manager,
  • Business&Beauty,
  • Osobowości i sukcesy,
  • Wirtualna Polska,
  • Interia,
  • Onet,
  • Kalejdoskop,
  • Luxusportal,
  • Fashion&Style,
  • Plejada,
  • Kozaczek,
  • Plotek,
  • Vipenews,
  • Fakt.

Luxury Fair

Luxury Fair brings together many companies operating not only in Poland but also abroad. It is also an event that brings together the presidents of companies that form the prestigious luxury products market. Luxury Fair is a unique opportunity to present your company, its range of products or services, as well as sales.
Symposiums and conferences on luxury goods, their development and further prospects cannot be missed at the Luxury Fair.

The winners of the „Luxury Brand of the Year” are, among others

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